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Working with Family to Resolve Their Problems Legally

If you need representation in family court, turn to the Kainrath Law Firm. A trained attorney can assist you in different family law areas. From helping with paternity and guardianship issues to providing divorce assistance, our team does it all. We even have the skills to help clients in Indianapolis, Indiana, with personal injury claims. Turn to our lawyer today to review your case. We are always ready to work with you.

Completing the Divorce Process

Let our compassionate lawyer guide you through our divorce. We know that along with the heartbreak of divorce comes potential disputes. Resolutions often need legal intervention. When you turn to our attorney, we’ll do what it takes to help you settle the disputes you have with the other party. Our knowledgeable attorney can assist you in the following areas:

• Property Distribution
• Child Support
• Restoration or Name Change
• Spousal Support
• Mediation Requirements
• Child Custody
Divorce Papers